Saturday, April 01, 2006

Phuket Diving

Phuket Diving: "Phuket diving locations are amongst the best in the world due to the huge variety of exotic, colorful marine life, the unique limestone rock formations, coral reefs and that famous distinctive crystal clear jade water.
Phuket is only 8 degrees north of the equator and because of its tropical climate, the average water temperature is a balmy 28 degrees C (78 degrees F)... perfect for Phuket diving trips. "

Buying Property In Phuket

Buying Property In Phuket: "How can I own property in Phuket? That's the question a lot of visitors ask when they come here.
Often they're here for a holiday and want to buy property in Phuket because, just like me, they fell in love with this tropical paradise and want to know how they can live here more permanently... or perhaps own a villa and rent it out for part of the year.
Maybe you even want to develop a large piece of land.
I'm definitely not a legal expert so any information I give you about property in Phuket should be verified by your lawyer.
I seem to come across so many different opinions about what a foreigner can and can't do when it comes to owning property in Phuket that it can be a little confusing.
I'm going to attempt to give you a broad summary of what I understand are the various ways a foreigner can own their own piece of Phuket paradise. "

Phuket Real Estate Agents

Phuket Real Estate Agents: "A lot of visitors to my web site who are interested in Phuket real estate have been asking me a similar question... 'If I was to buy real estate in Phuket, can you suggest an agent to me?'.
I haven't actually bought my own piece of Phuket real estate yet but I'm hoping to in the near future... and when I do, without hesitation I'll be talking to Nick and Tom from Indigo Real Estate.
Nick Anthony is an Aussie, so being Australian myself, we hit it off straight away (we speak the same 'language').
And Tom Travers is Canadian so I made the typical mistake and asked him if he was American when I first met him (can't understand why he got upset! - only kidding of course). "

Phuket Realestate

Phuket Realestate: "Beachfront land prices have increased 100% over the past three years. Get your piece of Phuket realestate now while it's still reasonably priced.
Compared to prices in Europe, Phuket realestate is a bargain. A 10 million baht villa in Phuket would cost up to 30 million baht in Majorca for example.
There are two markets that are particularly attracted to Phuket realestate. One is the 50 to 60 year old baby boomers who want to relocate.
The other is the high net worth individuals from Europe and Hong Kong who want a villa on a resort island as a second home.
They usually go for something over US$1 million which is really a fraction of their true worth. "

Phuket Rental Villas

Phuket Rental Villas: "I knew that choosing some of the best Phuket rental villas was going to be a hard job!
Not because Phuket rental villas are hard to find (well... actually some of them are because they're so private) but because there are so many beautiful villas to choose from.
I've just spent half a day wandering around a collection of amazing villas called 'Samsara' situated high on a cliff overlooking beautiful Kamala Bay and the Andaman Sea on the west coast.
They call this area 'millionaires mile' because there is such a concentration of million dollar luxury villas in this part of Phuket. "

Consider Phuket Villas Instead Of Hotels And Resorts For Your Thailand Vacation

Consider Phuket Villas Instead Of Hotels And Resorts For Your Thailand Vacation: "Phuket villas for rent... and possibly even villas for sale in Phuket as an investment... should be considered for your next vacation in Thailand.
Most visitors to Phuket automatically assume that they should stay in one of the many resorts and hotels on the island.
While they will no doubt find that there are hundreds to choose from, many of which are absolutely luxurious and in magnificent locations, there are certain advantages to choosing from the selection of villas available for rent or sale.
One of those advantages can in fact be the cost.
Luxury resorts and hotels in Phuket can be quite expensive in the high season and when you consider all the other outgoings such as hotel restaurants, room service, mini bar, alcohol, beach activities, and a myriad of other hotel expenses... well you know what I mean. "

Want To Know The Best Phuket Resorts On The Island?

Want To Know The Best Phuket Resorts On The Island?: "Imagine this... you're looking for Phuket resorts on the internet and all you find are websites with literally hundreds of recommendations, listings and cheap deals.
Which one do you choose amongst the confusion? Do you believe all the marketing hype that the resorts gave them? Do you grab one of the 'deals' which is probably available because no-one wants to stay there?
There's nothing worse... and I speak from personal experience... than choosing a resort hotel for your holiday, only to discover when you arrive, that it just doesn't look like the picture on the web site.
(I actually ended up booking another hotel and paying for both so I could enjoy my holiday).
I've stayed in quite a few Phuket resorts over the years and there are some that just have that 'wow' factor.
Some of these resorts are positioned on cliffs overlooking perfect beaches. Others are on the beach itself or very close to it. And one of my favorites... The Mangosteen Resort & Spa (pictured above)... is quite elevated with 360 degree views of the south of Phuket island.
So... instead of overwhelming you with hundreds of so called 'all inclusive resorts in Phuket', I'm only going to recommend those that I know will make your stay in Phuket a vacation to remember (for the right reasons). "

Phuket Beaches, Luxury Villas And 5 Star Hotels In A Tropical Paradise

Phuket Beaches, Luxury Villas And 5 Star Hotels In A Tropical Paradise: "Have you ever dreamed of the perfect tropical beach? Well... Phuket beaches must come pretty close.
Palm-fringed beaches with crystalline, white, powdery sands, and calm, tranquil waters... an almost impossible jade color.
I'm fortunate enough to be able to spend much of the year enjoying these beautiful, pristine Phuket beaches. I also get to experience all the best resort hotels, restaurants, rental villas, boat tours and diving trips.
So... join me (Rob) as I introduce you to the best of everything on the island of Phuket. Let me be your personal online guide so when you do eventually get here (you know you want to), you'll know which villa to rent or resort to stay in, which yacht to charter, and enjoy restaurants that most tourists don't even know about. "